About Lanier


Our Story

Since 1934, when the Lanier brothers established the Lanier Company in Nashville, Lanier has been pioneering new methods of office automation.


The emergence of digital technology in the Australian market in the late 1990's saw Lanier successfully installing digital copying, printing, and scanning and facsimile systems into many sectors of business throughout Australia, long before many of Lanier's competitors began.

Today, this journey of innovation continues, as we strive to develop ways for businesses to harness the digital age.

Global Vision

In January 2001, Lanier joined a leading global manufacturer; becoming part of one of the world's largest manufacturers of copiers, fax systems and printers. This union further enhanced an already impressive heritage which has seen us develop from humble beginnings in 1934, to a global force in the industry. These resources plus our sales and support infrastructure are a powerful combination - and an excellent reason to choose Lanier as your document management provider.

Our Customers

Today, Lanier works closely with some of Australia's foremost companies and institutions, maintaining successful working relationships with:

  • Large financial institutions
  • Legal firms
  • Commercial companies
  • State government departments and local council
  • Major public institutions such as hospitals, universities and schools.
  • Cutting Edge Systems, Human Technology

Lanier products are state-of-the-art and carefully refined for optimum:

  • Performance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Long life and durability
  • Functionality and simplicity

With every advance we make, Lanier is aware that it is people, not machines, who will use our products. We realise that our customers want to save time, not spend it learning complicated equipment; so we keep everything we create as simple as possible. We offer full consultation and training on equipment when it's needed for the life of the system.

We also offer software solutions for:

  • Processing and distributing information
  • Scanning to cut down on copy costs
  • Lost file issues with digital filing and search options
  • Accessing information remotely from a client's computer so you can manage your Lanier system.
  • Support Services and Supplies

With any good investment it just makes sense to protect it. You don't have to accept deteriorating performance from your equipment. Quality preventative maintenance is available to you through our Service Agreements. Service Agreements are made up of:

Spare parts and servicing support

We guarantee that all parts will be available for a minimum of 5 years following the purchase of one of our new systems.

Prompt service

Service calls can be placed directly over the internet or by telephoning our computerised service centre on our toll free number. All calls are dispatched to the appropriate technician and are continually tracked to ensure an optimum response time for our clients.


All Lanier equipment will be maintained by Lanier trained technicians only. One of the primary reasons Lanier can offer such high quality service is the confidence we place in the Lanier service support team. All technicians receive regular technical training in products, technologies and applications, which allows them to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

In addition Lanier's excellent service history is maintained through the measurement and monitoring of customer service goals. All Lanier Service agreements include all parts, on site labour and travel (in metropolitan areas). To meet your personal needs Lanier has a range of service options available, please discuss these options with your Account Manager.

Environmental Management

Our corporate principles recognise the importance of environmental conservation and regard conservation, sustainability and prevention of pollution as an integral part of our business activities.  Lanier has established a number of environmental initiatives to help provide solutions for our clients that aim to reduce their organisation's impact on the environment. These include:

  • Toner and cartridge recycling
  • End-of-life-machine recycling
  • Recycling of packaging materials such as cardboard and polystyrene
  • Reducing paper usage in the office
  • The majority of Lanier printers, copiers and MFDs, have been awarded the Energy Star. These machines ‘sleep' or power-down when not in use, and use 40% less electricity compared to standard models
  • The SAVE YOUR OFFICE program is a fun and easy way to help implement the principles of reduce, re-use and re-cycle into the workplace