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Why Become a Lanier connect Printer Reseller?

As a leading manufacturer in office print solutions, Lanier has been providing Australian and global companies with printers over the past decade.

A Unique Distribution Model - The Local connect Printer Wholesaler

Lanier Australia has a unique method of laser printer distribution. We call it the "Lanier connect" network and it's ‘Grassroots' distribution.

This involves partnership with independent local businesses in strategic geographical areas, who take on the role of the wholesale printer distributor (connect wholesaler) for their local reseller network.

This method enables us to better service prin

ter resellers across the country by providing local stock, sales support and technical backup where resellers need it, not just where it suits the vendor.

Local Support

Many of our distributors have factory trained technicians that will support your customers when problems arise.

Stock On Hand

Lanier distributors maintain a minimum stock level, which means no delays to supply your local customers with product.  This includes consumables supplies such as toners and developer drums.

Reseller Rebates via Lanier Rewards

Lanier also provides reseller rebates and incentives which is another way Lanier helps with maintaining your margins. 

Click Here to learn more about Reseller Rebates and how you can start earning real dollars through the Lanier Rewards program for every printer you sell.

For details on becoming a Lanier reseller and receive a $200 Lanier Rewards EFT card with your first printer purchase  click here to fill in the "Become a Lanier connect Printer Reseller" form below.

Terms & Conditions: Excludes any existing Lanier resellers, Limit of one discount voucher per reseller.  New resellers will purchase from existing Lanier distributors, which are located across Australia.


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